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Brief Reviews

For those who always want to be on top of things in the market, our expert team every four hours (06:00, 10:00, 14:00, 18:00 GMT) posts brief reviews of global macroeconomic assets - Oil, Gold, DowJ, Euro/USD.
These briefs contain the main focus factors that currently influence the market, short commentaries for the focus factors, and also the main technical levels required to assess the overall market.
Each factor is evaluated via a point system, which provides an objective understanding of the news background and outcoming economic data.

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Sector analysis

A complete understanding of the financial market provides a continuous analysis of each out of eleven economy sectors, including alternative investments.
The main goal is to scan for emerging trends, examine the most promising developing companies, and also to steadily evaluate the 500 biggest companies in the world, which allows our investors and users to make correct investment decisions.
Integration of our in-house machine learning technologies for intellectual capital enhancement allows “HS” to take its unique place among the industry leaders.

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Asset Management

We provide the most state-of-the-art and accessible ways to invest in financial markets via robotic management of your investment account, as well as a personalized approach with no regard to your investment amount.

The proposed investment packages consist of the most promising assets, viability of which is actualized by a constant enhancement of trading algorithms dependent on the evolving market trends and compliance with the strict standards of risk management.

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DECEMBER 21, 2018

New opportunities to invest in blockchain companies. This year’s cryptocurrency market summary, its rise and fall. What’s coming next.

APRIL 3-4, 2019

Main annual event Russian hedge fund industry.
Managers, Investors, Service Providers and investment startups discuss current issues of international business.

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Systematic analytical briefs (overviews and reviews):

Brief example in HighSystems Platform

Multi-factor analytical system, based on the objective evaluation of the news background and the factors influencing asset prices.
The schedule is four times per day on weekdays.

The briefs are being published since July 2018 for a test audience.

Briefs published (overviews and reviews):
Energy - Oil, Gas, Petrol
Metals - Gold, Copper, Silver, Platinum, Palladium
Stock - DowJ/S&P500, Nasdaq, VIX, MOEX
Currency - EUR/USD, British Pound, Australian Dollar, Japanese Yen, Russian Rouble
Cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin, Ethereum

The MVP has analytics for oil, gold, DowJ, EUR/USD and bitcoin.

The new version is in development, where the focus factors will be divided into positive and negative ones, which are in turn divided into short-term, mid-term and long-term. That, thanks to our accumulated data base and developed evaluation algorithms, allows us to implement machine learning.
The first stage will use machine learning to assist the human resources of the project, and the second stage will use it as a semi-dependent system that will reduce the human factor.


A continuous sector analysis provides a comprehensive understanding of the state of each sector of the economy.
The main goal is the search for emerging trends through the deep analysis of the world’s largest companies (capitalization of more than $3 billion) classified by the GICS standard (Global Industry Classification Standard).

The experts analyze the news background and the financial reports of the companies, and evaluate it on a point system and via a brief report on the platform.
The experts evaluate each company and give a forecast on the platform.

The conclusions are made via the internal rules of the analysis, based on the objective evaluation of the criteria with a point system.
An in-depth news background and fundamental parameter analysis methodologies are being developed, with the involvement of reputable representatives of the largest companies across industries, which altogether provides additional objectivity and expertise in industry technologies and trends.

We consider this tool to be the foundation of our projects. This allows us to provide information and analysis research in B2C and B2B formats, as well as building diversified investment portfolios.

Asset Management