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High Systems service has significant competitive advantages

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Algorithms for creating investment portfolios are open to the investor

Wide range of assets

A wide range of stocks and bonds, the maximum coverage of companies in the world


The platform adapts portfolios to market conditions

Risk protection

Strict approach to risk management

The project is a platform that allows you to systematize Analytics and research of the world market, as well as manage investment strategies. The platform can significantly increase the effectiveness of risk diversification in trading strategies and increase the level of hedging.

The platform uses Bloomberg Professional data

In industry

The prospects

In recent years, investment products for the masses have revolutionized. Due to the growing interest in investment makes our industry one of the most promising in the near future.

According to our research, the wealth management market will make strong growth due to the entry of retail investors into investment markets, as well as the growth of customers from APAC. The growth is due to automated investment advisors, as well as the migration of retail investors from self-trading to more professional due to the openness of previously inaccessible information.



Real-time assets monitoring

The beta version monitors 5 liquid assets in real-time and 500 of the world's largest companies (capitalization of more than $30 billion)

Oil Brent


Dow Jones




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    5 global assets:
  • Oil / Gold / Dow Jones / EUR/USD / BTC
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