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HS Sentiment Indexes

Nowadays the news background plays a key role in the price movements of assets, so it is crucial to properly assess its impact. Regular news monitoring allows to get a clear understanding of market sentiment and future asset price movements. However, tracking the news flow is time-consuming and requires access to professional and expensive financial information. Free information almost always comes out with a lag in time, which makes it irrelevant and often useless for investment decisions. But for the result it is not enough just to read the current news, you need to professionally assess their value and impact on the market, which is not always possible even for experienced traders. Professionals have no doubt that it is the news that drives the market.

Why do you need HS Sentiment Indexes and which benefits does it have?

Decision certainty

No information noise and no fakes

Global view at the financial market

Quality relevant information only from trusted sources

Understanding of the selected asset market

Professional assessment of news flow in an understandable way

Market sentiment trends

Understanding the market in nick of time

How often HS Sentiment Indexes are updated?

HS Sentiment Indexes are updated 4 times a day in order to keep up with breaking news of Asia, Europe and main trading session of America.

Why have we chosen factor model of analysis?

The main task factor analysis solves is compressing information, moving from a set of information to a limited set of focus factors, which, in turn, allow you to assess the news and understand changes in price trends.

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Continuous sectoral analysis provides a comprehensive understanding of each sector of the economy.

The main goal is to find new trends through in-depth analysis of the world’s largest companies.

Experts analyze the news background and financial reports of companies, assigning ratings to each company.

Conclusions are made with the help of internal methods of analysis, based on an objective assessment of criteria.


The most promising companies were identified according to experts and analysts.

Companies are grouped by industries and display the dynamics of quotes, as well as a description of the companies and their analytics.


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